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List of future events, updated daily.
Last updated at Monday, August 3, 2020, 1:05:43 AM UTC
NameStart DateEnd DateDurationTroop/Pet/ClassKingdomCurrencyMedal
Campaign: Seal of KurandaraJuly 20September 2870 Days
Guild WarsJuly 27August 37 Days
World Event: Riddles in the DarkJuly 27August 37 DaysVan KaneGhulvaniaClues (1)

Medal of Darkness

BountyJuly 31August 33 DaysDread SteedGhulvania
World Event: Shady DealingsAugust 3August 107 DaysSapphire KnightSilvergladeArcane Energy (1) / Defense Crystal (10)

Crystal Medal

Faction AssaultAugust 4August 51 DayFrostfire TrollFrostfire Keep
Pet RescueAugust 5August 61 DayTailchaserSuncrest
Hero ClassAugust 6August 71 DayArchmagusSilverglade
VaultAugust 7August 103 Days
Unknown Event (Type 9)August 10August 177 DaysSharkey
World Event: A Thorny ProblemAugust 10August 177 DaysLord BelanorForest of ThornsPrimal Stone (1)

Medal of Thorns

Faction AssaultAugust 11August 121 DayWerecatWerewoods
Pet RescueAugust 12August 131 DayAuraioPan's Vale
Hero ClassAugust 13August 141 DayArcherForest of Thorns
World Event: Tower DefenseAugust 17August 247 DaysEir StoneshatterGlacial PeaksMolten Core (1)

Medal of Defense

Faction AssaultAugust 18August 191 DayCrazed TrollLyrasza's Lair
Pet RescueAugust 19August 201 DaySnow BunnyZaejin
Hero ClassAugust 20August 211 DayFrostmageGlacial Peaks
InvasionAugust 21August 243 DaysIronbarkGlacial Peaks
Guild WarsAugust 24August 317 Days
World Event: Bull BlockadeAugust 24August 317 DaysPandaska MageShentangTauros Hides (1) / Kurandara's Wing (12)

Medal of Balance

Faction AssaultAugust 25August 261 DayScarab KnightThe Deep Hive
Pet RescueAugust 26August 271 DaySpell SpanielDarkstone
Hero ClassAugust 27August 281 DayMonkShentang
World Event: Summoning SolutionAugust 31September 77 DaysKeeper of LoreKarakothDaemonic Lore (1)

Medal of Summoning

Faction AssaultSeptember 1September 21 DayIronjawDepths of Sin
Pet RescueSeptember 2September 31 DayEyeletMerlantis
Hero ClassSeptember 3September 41 DaySorcererKarakoth
BountySeptember 4September 73 DaysBook of SecretsKarakoth

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